About Walking in His Shadow...

This fan favorite, set in the valley of the Connecticut Mountains, brings to life the story of a troubled woman desperate to unravel the mysteries behind her father's death and her mother’s mental illness. Alaina Parker is faced with many obstacles—body image, broken relationships, and the battle within her own tormented mind. Alaina receives the comfort she so desires from a surprising source. But is he the answer or the problem?

With her life unraveling and self-esteem plummeting, Alaina must revisit her past and put an end to the internal voices of doubt. Deception, duplicity, and a secret so explosive it could easily push Alaina over the edge. Will Alaina succumb to her dark shadows or will she find peace under the shadow of God’s wings?

Where to Buy It

Walking in His Shadow is available in paperback and eBook formats on Amazon.com.