Ten Things In My Purse Right Now


1. Number one is no surprise. My cellphone. I remember the days when you could just walk out the house and whoever needed to contact you had to wait until you returned.  Now, I feel naked if I don’t have it. I absolutely love my cellphone. (It’s an Android, by the way.)  I can work from anywhere, check in with my teenage kids (who rather text than call… shocker!), and professionally answer my business calls thanks to Google Voice.

2.     A ginger chew. I keep these on hand to ward off a nervous stomach or that enchilada from my favorite Mexican restaurant. They also provide a nice sugar hit to push through those days when I’m teaching my after-school writing program.

3.     My lipstick pouch.  I have about nine different lipsticks, lip balms, and glosses. One of my good friends told me in no uncertain terms, “Yeah uh, you should keep lipstick on your lips.” Not sure what she was implying, but I listened and now I always have my stash ready for photo ops.

4.     A protein bar. When I’m super busy, I sometimes forget to eat. Also, when I’m sleepy, I forget to eat. When I’m nervous, I forget to eat. Notice the pattern? Not to worry, I make up for it! My favorite vice is pizza. Just set the whole pie in front of me, walk away slowly, and no one will get hurt!

5.     Hand sanitizer. Even before my daughter was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, I washed my hands frequently. Hence the reason my nails are so thin. But now, I make sure I wash and sanitize after shaking hands with people, handling carts in the grocery store, or just because. Our life is a little different because catching a cold will impact her more so than us, so I make sure not to expose her needlessly.

6.     A Tootsie Pop. I’m not sure how that got in there.  I teach an after-school writing program (www.FunCreativeWriting.com) and we give out a little treat at the end of our writing session. This little lollipop may or may not have found its way in on purpose…

7.     A Chinese fan.  Well let’s just say, I celebrated my 50th birthday this past May, and now I get to enjoy my own personal summers – year round.

8.     Tissues. I usually have a whole handful (which is the case now) or none. I had one embarrassing moment where I didn’t have any tissues handy. I sniffled so much while reading an excerpt from my book that the audience thought it was part of the act and that I was actually crying. Lesson learned.

9.     Pressed powder. Because some days, we all need a little mid-day touchup. Enough said.

10.  My wallet. It’s big, pink, and cute enough to carry like a clutch, but there is rarely cash inside. I have mostly debit, credit, and business cards inside. Unfortunately, cash and I don’t stick together for any length of time. Funny, isn’t it?