About My Next Breath...

Tara Stallings is so close—close to turning it all around. The amber rays of Asheville, N.C. welcome her back home to where it all began, but suffocating memories hover in the air and hard-fought progress threatens to slip away.

In typical fashion, her mother, Maggie Fowler, vanishes when she's needed most, turning everyone’s life upside down. On the surface, it appears she’s back to her old tricks. Will she ever be anything more than she's always been—a breath taker, a smile faker?

Tara and her husband Marcus are caught up in a storm bigger than themselves. As the walls come tumbling down and her world starts caving in, Tara realizes she’s not the woman she needs to be. Will Tara find the faith to look past what’s seen into the unseen? Or will Maggie’s desertion leave Tara gasping for her next breath?

Where to Buy It

My Next Breath (book 2 of the Breathe series) is available in paperback and eBook formats on Amazon.com.